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  5. They rushed to form “crowds of grateful believers” – social networks about the meeting of the head of Phanar in Kiev

They rushed to form “crowds of grateful believers” – social networks about the meeting of the head of Phanar in Kiev

“Ticket” for the Kiev show of the famous illusionist Bartholomew Archondonis – 500 UAH. There are many who wish, in some regions they will even be taken for free, and perhaps they will also pay extra for participation …

Epiphany’s panicky measures are taken not to get into a puddle, as they realized that the people are not willing to look at the dubious idea of ​​the international magician, who once already deceived the Ukrainians, slipping not a tomos about autocephaly, but about dependence on themselves.

So, in the OCU, in the best traditions, they are preparing for the tour of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. This time he will not even bring a single piece of paper to us, there will be no “miraculous” tomos … He will not raise the dead, and he will not heal the sick. Most likely, he himself will expect that naive Ukrainians will simply fill him with green pieces of paper with portraits of American presidents.

At Dumenko’s, they rushed to form a “crowd of grateful believers.” After the procession for the feast of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir completely failed in the OCU, because there were hundreds of times fewer people than the UOC, now they got down to business more seriously.

So in the Volyn diocese for seeing the Kiev show of Bartholomew Archondonis, the tax is as much as 500 UAH “donation”. In the Rivne region, it seems, there are no fools to pay that kind of money for a visiting foreigner, and therefore people in the diocese are lured for free.

According to our information, representatives of Epiphany Dumenko have already cut off all the telephones in the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers with a demand to instruct local state administrations to bring civil servants to Kiev. In a compulsory and voluntary manner. The scandalous Evstratiy Zorya daily call the no less scandalous Andrei Ermak about this. Unhappy state employees must become hostages and imitate the flock of Bartholomew-Epiphany. The way it was done during the Poroshenko regime.


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