At the Cathedral of the OCU in Rivne advertise a pilgrimage to the shrines of the UGCC

The OCU Cathedral in Rivne offers its visitors a pilgrimage to the Uniate shrines. An advertisement for a trip along the route “Chortkov – Rukomysh – Zarvanitsa” was posted on the territory of the Holy Resurrection Cathedral of the OCU and on the page of its pilgrimage service “Meteora” on Facebook, the UOJ reports.

The program includes a visit to the Holy Protection Church of the OCU in Chortkiv and the rock church of St. Onufriya in Rukomysh. For your information: on the anniversary of the “consecration” of the chapel in Chortkiv, where the supporters of the OCU are being taken, “clergy and believers of different confessions” are traditionally invited.

The trip will end with “prayer at the miraculous icon and bathing in the holy spring” in Zarvanytsia – one of the main shrines of Ukrainian Greek Catholics.

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