“We did not receive official letters from Belarus”, – Church of Constantinople

The Patriarchate of Constantinople said that the Phanar had not received any official appeals to resolve the Belarusian issue. The corresponding commentary was provided to the Spiritual Front of Ukraine by its own source from Constantinople.

“The Ecumenical Patriarchate has not received any official letters and has never considered the issue of autocephaly of the Belarusian Church. Hundreds of different letters and inquiries on various issues from the life of Orthodoxy all over the world are sent to our mail every day. I don’t know if any private letters on this topic were received, but we’ve never received any official letters, the content of which would force to discuss the issue of autocephaly of the Belarusian Church or to take any actions in this direction,” the source from the Phanar assured.

As previously reported, President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that they are also trying to split the Belarusian Orthodoxy with an autocephalous issue and the corresponding letters have already been sent to the Phanar.

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