The only option for resistance to the actions of the Phanar is the statement by the Local Churches of their position, – the hierarch of the UOC

From an interview with the rector of KSAS, Bishop Sylvester of Belogorodsk, published on the website of the Serbian Orthodox Church:

“Everyone should understand that Patriarch Bartholomew and those who support him solve much more global things with the help of the Ukrainian issue. That is, with the help of a local issue, global problems are solved. This global task is the Phanar’s attempt to build such a church structure in which the Phanar would be at the head of all the powers, rights, diaspora management, the right to receive an appeal and everything else.

They are trying to achieve this goal through Ukraine. Anyone who agrees to accept the legality of Phanar’s actions in Ukraine must understand that in five to ten years this can happen with other Local Orthodox Churches. And in fifty years – already the successors of Patriarch Bartholomew will consider themselves in categories that are completely alien to the Orthodox consciousness and doctrine.

Therefore, every person belonging to one or another Local Orthodox Church must ask himself a question and honestly answer it: what will happen next with world Orthodoxy if the Local Churches recognize the legality of the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew? If you answer this question directly and honestly, then everyone will understand what danger the Orthodox Church see. I believe that the only way to resist the actions of the Phanar is to declare their position by the Local Churches”.


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