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Filaret’s lawyer announced the imminent restoration of registration of the UOC-KP

In the near future, the state authorities in Ukraine will renew the registration of the Kyiv Patriarchate. This was announced during a live broadcast on Facebook by the head of the legal department of the UOC-KP Neonila Tkachenko.

Recently there has been a certain warming in the relations of the liquidated UOC-KP with officials responsible for the religious sphere. “The authorities realized that the power of the people is behind the UOC-KP, this is not a fake church, this is not a chimeric structure that Patriarch Filaret wants to conquer for his own needs, but this church is needed for society,” says Tkachenko.

She is confident that soon the status of the registered religious organization of the Kyiv Patriarchate will be restored.

As for the lawsuits, all of them will be brought to their logical conclusion, not a single lawsuit will be withdrawn even if the UOC-KP is resumed. “We need to give a legal assessment of the actions that have already taken place,” the lawyer explained.

“On December 15, 2018, an action took place, which is interpreted as a local council, where the document on the liquidation of the UOC-KP was adopted. So that this no longer happens when the president was present at a local council or at an event called a local council, who inclines episcopate to certain decisions, then the courts must make a decision and determine whether it is legal or illegal. So that this will not happen anymore. Even those courts that have passed all instances in our country and are in the ECHR, we will still provide the judges who acted at the direction of certain persons, we will give them a chance to succeed as judicial bodies,” announced Neonila Tkachenko.

As previously reported, the ECHR has already accepted two claims of the UOC-KP, they are also accepted for consideration by the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

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