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One “monk” and novice: the “monastery” of the OCU is opened near Poltava

The first in Poltava region “monastery” of the OCU is planning to open in Gorbanivka, reports “Poltavschyna“. It will be in the premises of the old church, 100 meters from the new church.

“It will be a complex like the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. It also does not consist of one temple, but of several temples. It’s the same here. This church will be part of the monastery, integral. The monks will pray and work day and night. There will be not only monks, but novices as well,” said the rector of the temple Ivan Lutsenko.

The object will have three zones. This is a temple part, which is now used as a storage room, a prosphora room and a living part for 10 people.

The “Archbishop” of the OCU Fyodor Bubnyuk does not name the date when the “monastery” will open, now there is only one “monk” and a novice.

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