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The OCU cleric calls for reconciliation with the UOC?

Former UOC cleric, now a representative of Alexander Drabinko`s diocese in the OCU, Andriy Dudchenko wrote in the group in Facebook “The OCU Priesthood” that the new church structure should “work for reconciliation” so that supporters of canonical autocephaly in the UOC “would like to join” it.

Thus, Dudchenko responded to the call “Stop being silent on their anti-Ukrainian stories” from the author of the publication, to which he left a comment.

“In fact, among the UOC-MP there are many supporters of the idea of ​​canonical autocephaly. These are our future allies. We need to understand this and work for reconciliation so that they would like to join us,” the ex-cleric of the UOC urges his colleagues to use common sense.

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