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In Novaya Moshhanitsa village, former paramedic continues to terrorize the priest of the UOC

In Novaya Moskhanitsa, Rivne region, the exacerbation of interfaith confrontation is provoked by a former paramedic, who wrote complaints to Rovnooblenergo and Rovnogaz demanding to turn off the light and heat in the priest’s house of the UOC. It is reported by “Rovno. Voice of the Church”.

Last week, Archpriest Igor Hnatishin, the rector of the Nativity of the Theotokos parish of the UOC, received a call from two government agencies at once to warn of complaints that a local resident Leonid Ivanovich Kutsely writes about the priest’s family, demanding to disconnect the house from the heating and electricity supply.

“Every time, we were told so, he indicates in those complaints that the house does not belong to us,” comments Natalya Gnatishina, the rector’s mother. – We have already won the courts three times: Zdolbunovsky and Rovensky were forbidden to evict the family from home, and Kievsky did not even undertake to consider the case. Our home. How many more instances do you need to go through to stop this disgrace? ”

However, neither Ukrainian legislation nor the judicial system stop the former paramedic, and now an ardent supporter of the OCU, from lawlessness. According to the testimony of the believers of the UOC, several criminal proceedings were initiated against Leonid Kutseli for inciting sectarian hatred and participation in the violent seizure of the church.

“At first, he threatened to release the guts to the priest, this threat was recorded on the video. Then he had to bring the priest to the madhouse, coming every night under the house and frightening. Now he resorted to blackmailing Rovnogaz and Rovnooblenergo. As for me, the pastors from the OCU should already intervene here, if they consider themselves to be such, and explain to a person what is good and what is evil,” continues Matushka Natalia.

The temple in Novaya Moskhanitsa was captured under the leadership of the ex-head of the Zdolbunovsk Regional State Administration, now the chairman of the Rivne Regional Council, Sergei Kondrachuk.

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