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Marker of public conscience: Hierarch of the UOC commented on the song of a Cypriot woman about the devil

The representative of Cyprus Elena Tsagrinu will perform at Eurovision-2021 with the song EL DIABLO dedicated to the devil. The choice of the song was commented on in his Telegram channel by the Chairman of the Representation of the UOC to European International Organizations, Bishop Baryshevsky Victor (Kotsaba).

“Cyprus is an Orthodox country. It’s not even worth talking about the importance of Orthodoxy in this country. And the fact that a singer from Cyprus will participate in the song competition with a song about the devil speaks volumes. After all, it was for this person that the majority of Cypriots voted! Isn’t this a marker of public consciousness and popular sympathy?

Today we live in a society where religion is perceived as a traditional makeweight to ethnicity. We say out of inertia that Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Greece or Serbia are Orthodox countries. In fact, this is far from the case. The bulk of those who consider themselves Orthodox, at best, do not belong to any denomination, and at worst, they are atheists and enemies of the Church. In fact, we must first preach the Gospel, talk about elementary matters of faith, and church people. Moreover, the Church today must again become a society of the elect, a society of people “taken as a lot.” Once again, we need to return to the apostolic and ancient practice of catechism, baptism only for those who understand why they are baptized. Once again, we need to take church membership and faith issues extremely seriously.

Yes, perhaps there will be fewer baptisms, as well as fewer other “сhaplaincy services”. On the other hand, there will be more of those who will be true Christians, those who can become salt for the earth and light for the world,” wrote Bishop Victor.

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