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Ordinations in the OCU.

Who what, but I return to my sore spot.

Getting home after the Vespers, I watched the “Detector Religion” program, the creator and host of which is Dmytro Horyevoy, who positions himself as a religious scholar. The program is dedicated to ordinations in the former UAOC, that is, to the issue that I personally discussed recently in my FB.

Of course, Horyevoy spoke brightly and with flat humor about the canonicity of ordinations, accompanying his story with collages at the level of five-graders, which may seem entertaining only to some perfectly primitive person. But in his material there was an argument that destroys everything that he talked about throughout the entire program.

Horyevoy said that Filaret had re-ordained part of the episcopate of the former UAOC. That is, even being in a split, Filaret did not consider it possible to recognize the legitimacy of the “Chekalin`s” hierarchy. And here we are faced with a dilemma – either Filaret was right and the hierarchy of the UAOC was illegal, or Filaret himself was illegal, when he re-ordained legitimate bishops.

Therefore, dear “religious scholars” from the OCU, choose your arguments carefully.


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