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“Expert” from the OCU said that Chekalin’s “ordinations” are all right

Religious scholar Dmytro Horyevoy in the new issue of the “Detector.Religions” program told the audience that the ROC states the non-recognition of “ordinations” in the OCU, formed mainly from the UOC-KP and the UAOC, reports Religious Pravda.

Horyevoy argues that there are no problems in the branch of the UOC-KP with “ordinations” at all, because Filaret Denisenko and the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church carried them out.

“Let it be banned, in a suspended position. But it was carried out by actual bishops who themselves received the correct ordination and had apostolic succession,” Horyevoy noted, adding traditionally the analogy with the reunification of the ROC and the ROCOR.

The religious scholar put forward most of all arguments on the “legality” of “ordinations” in the UAOC. He continues to persuade that Bishop Varlaam (Ilyushchenko) of Simferopol was allegedly present at the “ordination” of Vasily Bodnarchuk in March 1990, along with his brother Archbishop Ioann Bodnarchuk. As for the participation of the impostor Vikentiy Chekalin, “all the same, not everything is so unambiguously bad,” Horyevoy convinces.

According to him, St. Gregory the Wonderworker was ordained “online”, to which “only one bishop was involved – hierarch Fedim”, in addition, “Paulin of Antioch single-handedly appointed Evagrius as his successor and he was recognized in the local Churches of that time”, “Siderius of Palebics was ordained by only one Philo of Cirens. And nothing bad – St. Athanasius the Great recognized him,” says Dmytro Horyevoy.

“Archimandrite Yosaf Bolotov was ordained bishop of Kodiak independently by Bishop Benjamin of Irkutsk. This happened on April 10, 1799. Then the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church recognized such ordination,” the religious scholar said.

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