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The Ministry of Culture wrote in Ioasaf Shibaev`s signature while the liquidating of the UOC KP

The Telegram channel Churcher published a project of the document, which gave a formal reason for the Ministry of Culture to launch the process of liquidating the UOC-KP, UOJ reports.

The authors of the channel say, “the Department for Religious and National Affairs, headed by Andrey Yurash, helped to prepare this document”.

The project of the document itself dates back to July 27, 2019. It includes “an appeal by several hierarchs of the OCU to the Holy Synod”. They ask their own Synod “to implement the Resolution of the Local Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate of December 15, 2018, which we signed, and to adopt the corresponding decision on its implementation”, that is, to liquidate the above-mentioned Kyiv Patriarchate”.

The authors of Churcher emphasize that among the possible signers of this document there is also the name of the “metropolitan” of Belgorod and Oboyan Iosaf Shibaev. Who could not sign it, because “not only he supported Filaret on June 20, 2019 and visited the council which restored the UOC-KP (that is, more than a month before the appearance of the “conversion”, – ed.), he also deals with parishioners in Russia”.

Noteworthy is the fact that in the projectt of the appeal to the Ministry of Culture, the current “hierarchs” of the OCU are indicated with the titles of the UOC-KP.

Thus, “this “appeal” is a simple formality that had to be created to have any legal basis for the liquidation”, the authors of the publication conclude.

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