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The “metropolitan” of the OCU visited the seized temple of the UOC in Rozhyshche

The OCU “metropolitan” Mikhail Zinkevich paid an “archpastoral visit” to the Church of the Archangel Michael of the UOC in Rozhyshche, which was recently captured by the raiders of this structure.

This was reported by the “Spiritual Front of Ukraine“.

The “metropolitan” chose the day of honoring Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga as the date of the visit.

Being in the seized temple, the “metropolitan” said that “everything in the life of a Christian happens on the basis of love, and it is love that should induce and guide a believer in his actions.”

The event was attended by representatives of the authorities, in particular, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Grigory Pustovit and Mayor Vyacheslav Polishchuk.

As previously reported, the St. Michael parish of the UOC became the object of a looting attack by the OCU this spring. Despite the fact that the community of one of a number of churches in the city declared that it remained in the UOC, it was re-registered with the OCU. The abbot of the temple was hospitalized with a heart attack.

At present, the community, robbed by raiders, is praying in unsuitable conditions.

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