The hierarch of the Church of Moldova will not allow the People’s Deputies who voted for the Istanbul Convention to take part in the Holy Communion

Archbishop Markell of Balti and Falesti has forbidden to admit to communion in all churches and monasteries of the diocese entrusted to him, the deputies of the Moldovan parliament, who voted for the ratification of the so-called Istanbul Convention, writes the Chrism Center.

The bishop’s address dated October 18, published on the diocese’s website, says that “those who voted for the soul-destroying Law, called the“ European Convention ”, are prohibited from Holy Communion in churches that are part of the Balti and Falesti diocese of the Orthodox Church of Moldova until the Sunday of Pentecost in 2022.” … The deadline is indicated in the hope that, perhaps, one of the “lost Christians” will realize during this time the gravity of the sin committed and will repent of their deeds.

It should be reminded that 54 deputies from the ruling Action and Solidarity Party voted for the ratification of this convention, the informal leader of which is the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu. By her decree, she promulgated the law on ratification, after which the Istanbul Convention finally entered into force.

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