In OCU they make a good face in a bad game

The results of the theological conference in Moscow and the meeting of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church caused a violent reaction among representatives of the OCU and its supporters, writes Pravblog.

“Some of them are trying to be ironic about the decisions of the Russian Orthodox Church and, in general, present these decisions as something frivolous and ridiculous, while others, on the contrary, whip up emotions, constantly repeating the thesis that the ROC is leaving for schism and self-isolation. <…>

The main purpose of these propaganda stuffing is to create the impression that all Local Orthodox Churches support the Phanar and its Ukrainian creature. And allegedly no one supports the position of the Russian Orthodox Church and is not going to support it.

Obviously, these statements are intended primarily for an internal audience, or rather for those Ukrainian citizens who are not particularly familiar with church topics and are not able to critically analyze the shocking insinuations of the schismatics. Thus, the “OCU” is trying to save face and keep their supporters in a “warm bath”, away from reality.

In fact, and the Phanariots and schismatics are afraid of this, the theological arguments of the ROC and the UOC have serious support from the Local Orthodox Churches and are increasingly taking shape in a systemic reaction to the anti-canonical actions of Patriarch Bartholomew,” writes the Telegram channel.

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