Russian Foreign Minister announced an attack on Orthodoxy through the Patriarch of Constantinople

The United States is acting against Russia not only in the military-political and economic, but also in the religious sphere. This was announced on May 21 by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the “New Knowledge” marathon in Moscow, reports IA REGNUM.

According to the diplomat, Washington is trying to split the unity of Orthodox peoples and churches.

“Orthodoxy, not only the Russian Orthodox Church, but Orthodoxy in general, is under attack. They use the Patriarch of Constantinople for this. The person is absolutely not independent. It is already clear that this is an instrument in the hands of those who want to undermine the position of Orthodoxy, ”Lavrov said.

The diplomat noted that in Russia the state does not interfere in the affairs of the church. But it also will not allow other countries to interfere in the affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church, and will also protect Orthodox fellow believers from other states.

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