A third of the OCU supporters fled to Filaret?

On April 24-25, 2021, the “Active Group” company conducted a sociological survey, the result of which was to convince once again that the majority of citizens allegedly belonged to the OCU in Ukraine. This is reported by the Spiritual Front of Ukraine.

As it turned out, “35% of respondents who are Orthodox Christians consider themselves to be parishioners of the OCU.”

27.4% of those surveyed identified themselves as parishioners of the canonical UOC, according to the Spiritual Front of Ukraine. Interestingly, more than 17% of the respondents called themselves supporters of the UOC-KP, headed by Filaret, which was liquidated by the state.

1.7% visit Old Believer churches, 5.5% do not identify themselves with any of the confessions, 13.3% of respondents have not decided on the answer.

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