A very important decision of the Holy Synod of the UOC

Great news! A serious start has been laid in the process of an official theological assessment of the non-canonical actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is equally important that representatives of other Local Churches will be involved in this.

“The subject of consideration by the Holy Synod was the violation by the Patriarchate of Constantinople of the principle of the conciliarity of the Church by unilateral interference in Ukrainian church affairs, as well as the false interpretation by representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople of certain rules of the IV Ecumenical Council.

Considering that this year marks 1970 years since the Apostolic Council in Jerusalem and the 1570th anniversary of the IV Ecumenical Council, which initiated the conciliar solution of important issues in church life and adopted a number of important doctrinal and canonical decisions, the Synod entrusted the Kiev Theological Academy to hold events dedicated to the theological and canonical comprehension of the principle of conciliarity of the Church and the issue of primacy among the Local Orthodox Churches. Particular attention will be focused on the theological, canonical and historical interpretation of Canon 28 of the IV Ecumenical Council. Representatives of the Local Orthodox Churches will be involved in these events.”


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