A memorial sign to a soldier of the SS “Galicia” division was consecrated by a cleric of the UGCC

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the priest of the UGCC, Father Roman Terletsky, consecrated a memorial sign to Mikhail Mulik, a member of the OUN and a soldier of the SS Galicia division, writes galka.if.ua.

“My grandfather is also Mikhail and also a participant in the liberation wars and the Galicia division. May our grandfathers from heaven help us keep love for Ukraine in our hearts.”

The publication also writes that “the mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv thought for a long time how to celebrate the city day, and decided to support the measures that are already customary for Ivano-Frankivsk.”

In turn, President Zelensky noted that he would not assign Mikhail Mulik a Hero of Ukraine, because he was not asked by the authorized bodies.

Mikhail Mulik has been a member of the OUN since 1937. On the instructions of the organization, he joined the ranks of the Ukrainian SS division “Galicia” in November 1943.

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