Looking forward to “healings”? Drabinko called a Protestant-charismatic subdeacon

Personnel affairs in the Pereyaslavsko-Vishnevsk diocese of the OCU, whose ruling bishop is Metropolitan Alexander Drabinko, are going so badly that he called a person from among the Protestant charismatics to become subdeacon. On Easter, in the church where Drabinko serves, one could see in the role of subdeacon a young man from Zaporozhye, whom the city residents know precisely as a Protestant charismatist with many years of experience. The name of this young man is Bogdan Zagorulko, blogger Alexander Voznesensky writes.

“As you can see on his Facebook page, he studied at the Vision Evangelical Theological School. At the same time, his acquaintances characterize “Bodiu” precisely as a person with pronounced ambitions to make a career in a religious environment, so many point out that it was probably the opportunity for career growth that led him to Drabinko.

That is, Drabinko elevated a non-Orthodox person to the rank of subdeacon, and in fact a pastor from an evangelical environment with a charismatic bias. The question arises: when will the sessions of healings and prophecies begin in the parishes of Drabinko? ”The blogger writes.

He points out that “Drabinko either plays with fire, trying Epiphany’s patience, or Zagorulko is not too smart and does not know how to keep his mouth shut.

After all this story, Zagorulko, having celebrated Easter with Drabinko as a subdeacon, suddenly leaves for Kiev, and out of unreasonableness publicly writes that he had a meeting with the Exarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and received a number of insider information from him. That is, the whole thing looks like Drabinko decided, despite Epiphany’s tough reaction, to build his own personal line of relations with Bartholomew and Phanar,” the blogger writes.

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