The appeal of the persecuted communities of the UOC has not yet been considered by the parliament. But we will do everything to consider it, – Pavlenko

The appeal of the participants in the congress of representatives of the parishes of the seized churches of the UOC to the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov with an appeal to abolish anti-church laws has not yet been received by the Verkhovna Rada committee, but a group of deputies of this committee will do everything to consider it by the government. This was stated by the former Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, the former Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Rights of the Child, People’s Deputy from the “Opposition Bloc” Yuriy Pavlenko, reports the Information and Educational Department of the UOC.

“I saw the appeal of representatives of the communities of the seized churches of the UOC in the media, but I have not yet seen the document officially painted by the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. But our group, which is in the profile committee, regardless of the position of the leadership, will do everything for this appeal to be considered, and the Verkhovna Rada has stated its position on this matter,” Pavlenko said.

The MP also noted that during these two years of Zelensky’s presidency, despite his promises and assurances, the full registration of the church communities of the UOC has not been restored. In addition, the anti-church law has been canceled, which actually exerts pressure and obstruction of the activities of the Orthodox religious communities of the canonical Church.

“Pressure, persecution and humiliation of people and parishioners of the largest Church in Ukraine continues. I do not exclude that the next steps may still be tough, but I believe in God, I believe in the strength of our priests and our parishioners, that we will be able to defend the right of the Church – to fulfill its main mission,” he said.

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