The first Orthodox prayer book in Portuguese was published in Portugal

The first Orthodox prayer book in Portuguese (“Devocionário Ortodoxo”) was published in Portugal. The prayer book, like the service book published earlier, was released with the blessing of Archbishop Nestor of Madrid and Lisbon, writes

Hegumen Peter (Pruteanu) and Hierodeacon Jerome (Tomaz), clerics of the parish in honor of St. John Chrysostom in the city of Cascais, worked on the translation and publication of the text.

The Prayer Book was published by the renowned Portuguese-Brazilian Catholic publishing house Paulus, which will promote the distribution of the publication in bookstores in Portugal and Brazil.

In addition to morning and evening prayers, the prayer book contains canons, akathists, as well as the adherence to Holy Communion, psalms and hymns that are included in the main church services.


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