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The UOC published a photo of the Volyn priest – the saint of the Polish Church

Archpriest Alexander Fedchuk, historian, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the Volyn Theological Seminary, posted on his Facebook page a compilation of photographs of Orthodox clergymen of Lutsk and the surroundings in 1933. According to him, the photographs studied are unique in general, but some of them are especially valuable, since there were few portraits of clerics of that era in open sources. This was reported by UOJ.

“For a believer, the following photo will be the most valuable: martyr Peter Ohryzko – glorified in the host of Kholmsko-Podlaski martyrs, but he is also a Volyn saint. Until recently, there was no clear image of him (except for some low-expressive photographs) even in the Polish Orthodox Church. Therefore, it can be considered the first such clear model for iconography. Perhaps it is published for the first time,” wrote archpriest Alexander Fedchuk.

The published collection of photographs of Orthodox clerics of Volyn interested not only Volyn historians, but also researchers from other regions, where data on church ministers of that time was also preserved: one of them, according to social media users, for example, had previously been a chaplain of the UPR army.

The clergyman Peter Ohryzko was canonized as a holy martyr on March 20, 2003 in Lublin. He was martyred by Polish nationalists in April 1944, together with Peter Ohryzko seven more people became holy martyrs of Kholmshchina and Podlasie (martyrs Ignatiy, Sergiy, Leo, Nicholas, Paul, Joanna, Basil), who were martyred in 1942-1944. The ceremonial canonization took place in Kholm on June 8, 2003.

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