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  5. The UOC-KP warned the speaker of the OCU that his statements would also go into a criminal case

The UOC-KP warned the speaker of the OCU that his statements would also go into a criminal case

The head of the legal service of the liquidated “Kyiv Patriarchate” Neonila Tkachenko commented on the statements of the speaker, the hierarch of the OCU by a court decision, which restored criminal proceedings in the State Bureau of Investigation at the request of Filaret’s supporters. In her opinion, numerous statements by representatives of the OCU are dangerous and openly violate the law, to which there will also be a reaction from the legal support of the UOC-KP. Tkachenko announced this on her Facebook.

As previously reported, the court ruled that the SBI unlawfully closed the case at the request of supporters of the UOC-KP, who complained about incitement of interfaith enmity by officials of the Ministry of Culture, ex-President Petro Poroshenko and the head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko.

“Discussion of such a court decision is not safe, thus pressure is exerted on the court,” Tkachenko said.

“It is strange that a representative of a spiritual organization, being ordained and having completely different responsibilities, suddenly began to interpret the court’s decision in the media and social networks. The most surprising thing is that a person does not know at all that criminal liability is provided for such things. Some of the statements of this gentleman contain all the signs of interference in the activities of the court. We will have to report this to the law enforcement structures,” Tkachenko said.

Also, in her opinion, the statements about whether the judge who made this decision should hold office are ridiculous. “When a bishop invents the facts of people’s lives, how can he be entrusted with his sins in confession. We will increase the fifty cases mentioned by the distinguished representative of the OCU,” the Kyiv Patriarchate promises.

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