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The UOC is a real social force behind which there are millions of its supporters

The appeal of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry, to the believers – to go out on the Day of the Triumph of Orthodoxy in order to testify their devotion to Orthodoxy and love for the motherland – is, among other things, a clear and intelligible signal to the authorities.

If someone considers the Church to be a punching bag, he is deeply mistaken. Believers are patient, but when the question arises of protecting their shrines and protecting their faith, they, no doubt, will have their say.

Especially if they question the very existence of the Church in Ukraine and begin to implement a plan to destroy the UOC. This will be the “red line”, crossing which the authorities will not leave the Orthodox a choice.

Numerous processions of the cross on the Day of the Triumph of Orthodoxy should sober up those who believe that believers can be crushed, which is called “in between.”

They should remember that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a real social force. Behind the UOC there are millions of real supporters who are ready to support their Church in difficult times.

The events of 2020 in Montenegro are a vivid example of how the Orthodox know how to defend their rights. And a vivid example of how a political regime that held on for decades fell within literally a few months.

And in its peaceful struggle for shrines and faith, the UOC will not be alone. If necessary, most of the Local Orthodox Churches will respond to her call for help. Again, an example of mass actions in many countries of the world in support of the Montenegrin Church is evidence of this.


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