Parishioner of the UOC-KP in the USA called on the former secretary of the vicariate Viktor Polyarny to repent

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Ivan Kovaliv, a parishioner of the vicariate of the UOC-KP in the USA, addressed an open letter to the former head of the vicariate Viktor Polyarny. The author calls on his abbot to repent of his attempt to withdraw from the Kyiv Patriarchate and to declare Filaret’s structure in the United States as belonging to the OCU, according to Facebook.

“Further, you, in my opinion, in an unacceptable form for your spiritual dignity, humiliate the dignity of another cleric of the Vicariate – Fr. Bohdan Zgoba – giving arguments that would rather characterize you, Father Victor, showing the baseness of your nature. It is unworthy to spread dirty gossip, which is mostly personal in nature. Although, it seems to me that these lines were not written by your hand. However, father, you are disingenuous and misleading people who believed you. What are you dissembling? The fact that the new bishop, as you call him, will never give you antimensions to perform divine liturgies, because he has no right to do so. Read the text of the Tomos, which prohibits him from having parishes abroad.

Perhaps, you have been sent documents of admission to the OCU? Nope. Alternatively, perhaps, you were provided with an antimension signed by the new ruling bishop? Again, nope. Therefore, Father Victor, taking into account all of the above, I suggest you renounce – resign and think about the well-deserved rest. It is enough to humiliate our parish, which on the day of its 50th anniversary received such a shameful inheritance – itlost the status of a cathedral and renounced its ruling bishop. The same should be done by the head of the council Ivas Yaresko,” the letter says.

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