“Hierarch” of the UOC-KP accused the head of the OCU Epiphany of deceit and hypocrisy

Filaret Denisenko, blamed the head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko of lies, claiming that he “deceived everyone before his election”, and then took away from the UOC-KP  rich monasteries”. This statement he issued on his Facebook page, commenting on Epiphany’s greeting on the occasion of Filaret’s 92nd birthday.

“I have already ceased to be surprised at the falsity and hypocrisy,” Shibaev writes. He recalls that according to the agreements before the Unification Council of the OCU, Epiphany was supposed to “help” Filaret, who was promised to preserve inofficial leadership in OCU. Then Epiphany would have been a “respectful son”, but he “deceived everyone before his election”, Shibaev claims.

The UOC-KP “hierarch” is outraged by Epiphany’s statement that Epiphany and Filaret jointly “worked” on the creation of the OCU.

“He (Epiphany) “worked ”on the creation of the Church?! An illiterate, sorry, bastard jumped out of nowhere, flattered the patriarh, snatched away gifts – golden panagias, expensive foreign cars, precious miter vestments, rich monasteries, walked around the Patriarchate as a peacock, went on vacation from hard work to warm countries” – this is how Shibaev describes UOC head’s activities.

According to Shibaev, all the preliminary work on the creation of the OCU was carried out by Filaret, who “was the Patriarch in his place,” and Epiphany took all these merits for himself. “If the conscience in a person is dead, that person himself is spiritually dead,” the “hierarch” concludes at the end of the post.

In spring 2020 the “honorary patriarch” Filaret who joined OCU announced that Kiev Patriarchate still exists in Ukraine, and cancelled its previously declared liquidation.


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