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Religious scholar Petr Kraljuk: The warnings were unnecessary – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church did not come to the demonstration

On February 1, 2023, Vysokiy Zamok published an interview with the religious scholar, Doctor of Philosophy Peter Kraljuk. The scientist said that he was positive about the searches of the SSU at the facilities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“Despite the fact that there is no great effect from these searches, they caused a corresponding resonance. Until that time, the state bodies, to put it mildly, were more than loyal to the UOC-MP, turning a blind eye to the anti-state, in fact, actions of its priests,” he said.

The religious expert noted that much depends “on the political will of the authorities, on the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, who can adopt legislative acts to restrict this religious organization. A lot also depends on our judicial system.”

“Remember, at the beginning of the large-scale aggression, when the question was raised about the need to, if not ban, then at least limit the activities of the UOC-MP, some high-ranking leaders, including the Speaker of the Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk, stated that it was impossible to touch on religious issues, because this, say , can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings in society. And what? Searches were conducted in the churches and monasteries of the UOC MP, some of the odious clerics were stripped of their citizenship, the lease agreements with the UOC MP regarding the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra were not renewed — and nothing of the sort happened! No one went to the demonstrations, to the processions. In general, the society remains calm. Therefore, the warnings were unnecessary,” Kraljuk said.

The scientist believes that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church does not really have much influence in Ukraine.

“A relatively small number of people recognize themselves as supporters of this church. Another issue is that during the time of independent Ukraine, especially under the rule of Yanukovych, the structures of the Moscow Patriarchate were actively developing in our country. It was done for Russian money. And not only for them. Big financial contributions were made by officials, including prosecutors and judges,” the religious scholar emphasized.

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  • недофилософ и мерзавец крысюк пытается состряпать интеллектуальную и духовную установку православным украинцам на несопротивление, внушая им мысль о том, что они – слабаки и ни на что полноценное в масштабах страны не способны


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