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The brethren of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra appealed to the monasteries of the Local Churches

The clergy and brethren of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra appealed to all the monasteries of the Local Orthodox Churches with a request to pray for peace in Ukraine, as well as for protection from persecution, persecution and discrimination of the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This was published on the Lavra website.

“Today, with great pain, we have to state that, at the calls of the leadership of the new, as it were, alternative “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, state bodies are refusing to register the charters and changes to the charters of our religious organizations, searches are being carried out, criminal cases are being initiated, sanctions are being imposed, bank accounts are being blocked, all sorts of obstacles are being created to the performance of divine services, churches are being illegally and forcibly seized, clergymen and parishioners are being beaten and expelled,” the appeal says.

“We also inform you that in the largest churches of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, we now do not have the right to perform services, namely in the Refectory Church, which we completely restored and the Assumption Cathedral, which we literally raised from the ruins – the greatest Orthodox shrine in the world. Since January 7 of this year, the OCU has been serving there,” writes the brethren of the Lavra.

The authors of the appeal, on behalf of the monasticism of the entire UOC, asked the inhabitants of the Orthodox monasteries of the world “to raise their voices with an appeal to those in power to put an end to the incitement of interfaith hatred in our long-suffering state.”

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