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Romanian politician criticized Zelensky for repression against the church

On January 15, 2023, the Romanian politician, ex-People’s Deputy Gelu Vishan spoke on Romania TV about “the crimes that they (the Ukrainian authorities) commit against the servants of the Lord.” The video from the air of Romanian TV is circulating on the network, in particular, it was posted by human rights activist and head of the organization “Women’s Power of Ukraine” Victoria Kokhanovskaya on her Facebook page.

“This Zelensky, whom I defended, closes 100 Romanian churches and bans the Romanian language in these churches. Hey Zelensky! This is our people! How much longer do you think this unfortunate people will be able to endure the grief that you brought down on their heads at the end of last year, forbidding the Romanians to speak Romanian? You who play with the globe. Go live with me on Romania TV and talk to me, you or one of your advisors. I am not a Putinist,” Vishan said.

In his emotional speech, the Romanian politician stated that the world, and Romania in particular, are helping the Ukrainian government, while it launched repressions against the Church.

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