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SBU came with searches in the church of the UOC in Poltava region

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine carry out counterintelligence (safe) activities at the facilities of the UOC in the Poltava region. It is reported by Poltava.depo.ua.

As noted by law enforcement officers, this time it is about the Mharsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery of the Poltava and Mirgorod diocese of the UOC and the diocesan administration of the Kremenchug and Lubensky diocese of the UOC.

The events are held jointly with the National Police as part of the systematic work of the Security Service of Ukraine to counter the subversive activities of Russian special services in our state.

“With the direct participation of representatives of the church, law enforcement officers conduct an inspection of the territory and premises to identify persons who may be involved in illegal activities to the detriment of the state sovereignty of Ukraine, and items prohibited for circulation. All actions take place within the framework of the current legislation,” the SBU noted.

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