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Metropolitan Meletiy: I am accused of treason for caring for refugees

The chairman of the DECR of the UOC, Metropolitan Meletiy of Chernivtsi and Bukovina, after a liturgy in the Chernivtsi Cathedral on Saturday, November 26, told the parishioners about the charges that he was presented during the searches.

The bishop noted that it is difficult to imagine greater lawlessness than when power structures start such internal wars during a war.

Metropolitan Meletiy also said that the reason for the accusations against him was his letter to the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in Europe, in which he asked not to interfere with the UOC to organize parishes abroad for the spiritual support of millions of Ukrainians who found themselves far from home.

“It was a private letter, and I don’t know how the SBU and the media got access to this letter. I turned to Metropolitan Anthony (the head of the DECR ROC – Ed.), they say, we understand your situation, you should understand ours. For these words, I was charged with high treason,” said the Metropolitan.

The bishop added that this information is disseminated specifically to sow confusion in society, to accuse the Church of betrayal.

“I learned about all these accusations early in the morning on November 25, under special circumstances. At the same time, I was told that the secrecy of the investigation obliges me to remain silent, but thanks to the press service of the SBU, you all know that during the search, “terrible compromising materials” were found against me and the Church,” His Eminence added.

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