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“Everyone serves with us, except for the Russian Orthodox Church,” – the OCU “hierarch”

The OCU speaker “archbishop” Yevstratiy Zorya, in an interview for orthodoxtimes, said that “direct or indirect Orthodox communion” with its structure is done with all Orthodox Churches.

“We have with everyone else Orthodox communion, direct or indirect. Direct with those who recognized us and indirect with the rest through the Ecumenical Patriarchate. When they co-officiate with the Ecumenical Patriarch and we are there, it is an indirect but true recognition,” Zorya says.

In addition, he stated that in the event “if Ukraine falls”, all the Churches decided that “it would be wise to take any decision after the end of the war.”

Zorya also said that on the sidelines of the 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches “he had a friendly discussion for several minutes with the Patriarch of Antioch.”

“We understand that politically, the Patriarchate of Antioch depends on the attitude of the Syrian government. And because of that, the attitude of the government of Russia. For Patriarch John, it is more important for his Patriarchate to survive. And he understands that if he recognizes Ukraine, he will not only lose support from Russia, but he will face the same problem as the other local Churches that recognized us. Proof of this is what Russia did in Africa. It’s a way to create fear in all the other churches. I think that the internal problems in the Patriarchate of Antioch are so great, and the Patriarch understands that the unity of his Church is at greater risk.”

He stressed that “the Patriarch of Antioch understands all this very well. As did the Patriarch of Jerusalem. But Russia’s power in the Middle East is still strong. And the money unfortunately did and does a lot.”

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