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  5. (UA) Я просив, схаменися, в діти мені годишся, – священик, що пішов на клірика ПЦУ з хрестом

(UA) Я просив, схаменися, в діти мені годишся, – священик, що пішов на клірика ПЦУ з хрестом

In the Vinnitsa region, the parish of the UOC, whose priest at the funeral of a parishioner went to the representative of the OCU with a cross attack, will sue for insults and provocations against him. This is informed by SFU.

As previously reported, when the UOC community in the village of Yalanets said goodbye to 42-year-old Alexander Ziniv, who died in the battle near Nikolaev, due to provocations and insults of the uninvited visitor Mikhail Voznyuk from the OCU, the rector of the UOC community, Father Anatoly, hit him with a cross.

On the provocative behavior of Vozniuk, the nervous father Anatoly hit him with an altar cross.

“I still can’t get over what I’ve experienced,” Father Mikhail says. He assures that if he hadn’t reacted in time, a heavy cross would have hit him in the head …We are all people, we have a body and, God forbid, would there be an exact blow if it happened then?” the website quotes of Vozniuk’s lamentation.

Father Anatoly admits that he hit his opponent twice with a heavy cross. All because, he explains, that the chaplain constantly calls him names, so he could not restrain himself. “They start to poison me, you are a Moscow priest, you are not like you must be. I ask him, come to yourself, I am good enough to be your father. It hurts me a lot, no matter who I am, I’m Chinese or I’m Polish, I’m a human first of all,” says Father Anatoly Dudko.

The police opened two criminal proceedings at once – for intentional bodily harm and hooliganism. “The sanction of the article provides for up to 5 years in prison,” the police said.

When asked if he repents, Father Anatoly answers without hesitation. “Honestly? I’m a little sorry that I didn`t give him enough. Well, what will they do to me? Well, they will put me in prison, give me three or four years,” the priest says.

The police say that Father Anatoly also wrote a claim against the opponent. Moreover, his parish promises to sue Mikhail Vozniuk. “Since the priest of the OCU appeared, he regularly humiliates us, I don’t know who gave him such a right. He regularly calls us “Moscow priests”, ” Moscow beard”, shows us “a suitcase, a train station, Moscow,” explains Vasily Lazarets, dean of the Tomashpol district of the UOC.

Meanwhile, the village council decided not to give the priests any more words. “The headman is speaking, myself, the military administration, the commissar, relatives, what questions, but let the priests pray in the churches,” says Valery Nemirovsky, head of the Tomashpol UTC.

At the same time, the OCU representative says that “he will continue to visit funerals.”

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