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Arson evidence found on the territory of the UOC community in Badivka

In Badivka, unknown perpetrators tried to set fire to a building where UOC believers temporarily hold services. This was reported by the press service of the Rivne diocese of the UOC.

On July 19, 2022, traces of arson were discovered by the rector of the parish in honor of St. Mary Magdalene in the village of Badivka, Ostroh deanery, father Stepan Polishchuk, who came to mow the grass near the temporary premises in which the religious community of the UOC holds services after the seizure of their church.

Father Stepan says that when he was mowing, he saw a hole in the fence and flowers and grass that had been scorched. Further in the bushes, the priest also found a plastic bottle with an unknown liquid without a cap.

The priest called the police, who stated that the bottle did indeed contain a combustible mixture, but since the attackers did not damage the building, the criminal proceedings were not opened.

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