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Another Georgian volunteer was buried in the UOC-KP

On May 16, 2022, in the Volodymyr Patriarchal Cathedral of the UOC-KP, they said goodbye to Rati Shurgaya, a Georgian volunteer and a soldier of the Volunteer Battalion “The Carpathian Sich”. The defender of Ukraine was killed in a battle with the Russian occupiers near the town of Izyum in the Kharkiv region, the press service of the Kyiv Patriarchate reports.

The funeral of the fallen soldier was performed by the clergy of the cathedral, who conveyed deep condolences to the UOC-KP leader’s to the family, brothers and all the Georgian people, whose best sons, together with Ukrainians, oppose the Russian invader in defense of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that funerals of the Georgian volunteers had already been performed twice in the UOC-KP.

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