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Filaret opens the UOC-KP seminary in Europe

The European Deanery of the “Kyiv Patriarchate” announced the establishment of a theological school (seminary) for intensive education in Europe. This was announced on his Facebook page by the Dean of Europe of the UOC-KP Volodymyr Chaika.

“Already about 5 million Ukrainians were forced to leave Ukraine and arrived in Europe because of the war. Even those 15 divine services that I managed to serve in Germany and Denmark during the bright Easter week are far from enough to at least minimally provide elementary conditions for the spiritual needs of the Church. To urgently provide spiritual care for Ukrainians in Europe, we apply the following actions:

– Clergymen who have a valid ordination and wish to serve for Ukrainians in Europe will be admitted to the European Deanery under a simplified procedure.

– The European Deanery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate establishes a theological school (seminary) for intensive training of the necessary clergy.

– We also invite to serve the clergy who speak Ukrainian, or those who have until now served in the church of the occupier’s country, but for obvious reasons, can no longer combine this with their conscience.

“I also invite deacons, priests and clergy with episcopal rank to work, if this consecration is valid. To date, the dean’s office has received several requests from priests who, according to preliminary estimates, have real episcopal consecration. They will be accepted to serve as priests and recruited to ordain new deacons and priests for the deanery. And if confirmed by His Holiness the Patriarch, they will receive jurisdiction in the European Deanery under the leadership of the Dean. Exactly. Because in Europe we need not “lords”, but ministers, workers, regardless of rank,” says Volodymyr Chaika.

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