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  5. The OCU supporters led by Drabinko drive out community of temple in Boyarka

The OCU supporters led by Drabinko drive out community of temple in Boyarka

Details about the seizure of the temple, which was led by the former Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander Drabinko, became known. On April 17, three days after the Assumption Church in the village of Kruglyk, Kyiv region, “joined” the OCU, Drabinko “worked” in the town of Boyarka, which is a 20-minute drive from Kruglyk. With the support of armed men and representatives of the local military, the schismatic “hierarch” drove the UOC community out of the Church of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, UOJ informs.

A source in Boyarka told the UOJ that the clerics of the church were aware of the impending seizure. They came to the church early in the morning on April 14 and, having served an akathist to St. Nicholas, made a procession. Then a representative of the military lyceum, on whose premises the church is located, came and announced that the clergy of the church and the congregation had to gather. After a while, the head of the lyceum, General Ihor Gordiychuk, together with Drabinko, territorial military defence members and reporters came out to the priests. The schismatic “hierarch” read from the ambo a previously prepared decree on the transition of the church community from the UOC to the OCU and “appointed” his man – Innokenty Podtoptany – as the temple’s rector. At the same time, he showed the minutes of the meeting with the consent to the transfer to the OCU, signed by the “parishioners of the temple” and General Gordiychuk.

“In fact, the meeting was held by General Gordiychuk, and it was attended by officers of the lyceum, teachers and employees who are not parishioners of the church,” the source explained.

The UOC believers took away the icons, church utensils and the altar from the temple; the rector of the church was forced to give the keys.

On the feast of the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, the temple was locked and divine services were not held, but on April 20, the OCU “hierarch” consecrated the occupied temple.

The parishioners say that the schismatics now continue to exert pressure on all UOC churches in Boyarka: priests are being threatened, church fences and walls are being marred with paint and insults.

Photo: pereyaslav-eparchia.kiev.ua

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