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In Kiev, the UOC community was expelled from the temple

By order of the head doctor of the Kiev City Hospital No. 3, all icons, church objects and other property were taken out of the hospital church in honor of Blessed Xenia, the rector Father Igor Dmitruk said, Pershiy Kozatsky writes.

“Unknown people arrived at night, barbarously tore off all the icons and took them all in an unknown direction. The day before, the head physician warned us that if we did not leave before February 6, then measures would be taken, however, we did not expect that everything would be like this. They abused our shrine,” Father Igor said.

The parishioners managed to contact the logistics company that took out the property of the temple and they promised to return the icons and other church utensils.

But building materials have already been brought to the territory where our temple was located, and today repair work will begin there, there will be medical rooms. We were evicted from the church, now the parishioners and I are looking for a new place,” Father Igor says.

The problems of the community began a year and a half ago with the arrival of a new head physician, who at first refused to renew the lease on the premises in which the temple was located, and then decided to expel the community altogether.

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