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The crisis in Orthodoxy was caused by the “autocephaly” to insignificant group of schismatics, – the EOC hierarch

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus made a strong statement on the Ukrainian issue and the crisis in world Orthodoxy.

“The Ukrainian question has become a big problem for world Orthodoxy.”

In his speech, Metropolitan Seraphim notes that “the wrong and unethical granting of the vile Autocephaly to an insignificant minority of unrepentant schismatics by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew brought an unprecedented church crisis to world Orthodoxy.”

At the same time, it is indicated that the “Phanar’s obsession” with this structure and “the refusal to convene the Pan-Orthodox Synod led to a deepening of the existing schism.” Here are some quotes from this public statement.

Regarding the situation in Africa, he emphasizes: “Today it is already known that most of the clergy of all ranks, as well as believers, from the very beginning opposed the choice of His Beatitude Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria to recognize the church formation of the Kyiv schismatics and separate the canonical Church, ruled by Metropolitan Onuphry.”

“Metropolitan Gregory of Cameroon, who at a recent (January 10, 2022) meeting of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, convened in connection with the creation of the Russian Patriarchal Exarchate, pointed out in the most dramatic way that “the creation of the Exarchate is only the tip of the iceberg”, and that “the problem in the first our internal queue!

Gregory of Cameroon notes that one of the problems that contributed to the creation of the Russian Exarchate in Africa was the negative attitude of some metropolitans of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, a position that seems to have even been expressed publicly. Thus, it becomes known that some high priests of the Patriarchate of Alexandria not only object or do not dare to recognize Ukrainian autocephaly, but also expressed its clear denial. Thus, the existing rumors about the great internal problem facing the Patriarchate of Alexandria were confirmed in the most significant way.”

His Beatitude Patriarch Theodore in the past has repeatedly officially stated in interviews and other public speeches “that the Ukrainian Church is an integral part of the Russian Orthodox Church.” When he visited Odessa in 2018, he urged the faithful to remain faithful to “the canonical Church of Ukraine under the leadership of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry.” And suddenly, on November 8, 2019, he announced that he recognized the Ukrainian schismatic group, began to commemorate its “primate” in Holy places and received him into direct Eucharistic communion.

With pain and sadness, we are watching the unfolding dramatic events that severely undermine the unity of the Church. It is very sad to state the fact that her modern shepherds put above her salvific mission and unity the service to the geopolitical interests of the powers that be, who turn them into their tool. We pray that His Beatitude Mr. Theodore will take seriously the revelation of His Eminence Mr. Gregory regarding the tragic situation he has created in his local church, and convene a Synod that will condemn the schismatic formation of Epiphany Dumenko.”

It would be a shame if this local church, which has had an impressive growth trend for many decades due to its great success in the field of missionary activity… should eventually wither and decline because of the Ukrainian question. Our brethren, clergy and laity, may not have high theological training, but they are extremely sensitive to ecclesiological issues. They are able to understand elementarily that when individuals and groups go out of the ecclesiastical body into a state of heresy or schism, they lose their salvation.”


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