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Clerics of the Church of Alexandria blocked access to water for the community that went to the Russian Orthodox Church

I am not a supporter of escalating the situation. I have double checked what I am writing now. Many things still do not fit in my head. Draw your own conclusions. Help us all Lord!

Archpriest Andrei Novikov visited the village of Sokoine and the local Orthodox mixed Maasai-Tanzanian community.

It is headed by priest Christopher Kasiani Mwendele, who was presented with a priestly cross and a Eucharistic set.

A large number of not only Orthodox members of the community gathered, but also other local residents, among whom Father Christopher is doing missionary work. First, a common prayer was made in Swahili, an acquaintance, a story about the Russian Orthodox Church and a sermon took place. Father Andrey handed out crosses and icons.

Then the catechist spoke on behalf of the community. He said that next to the meeting place there is a spacious temple, in which the Orthodox inhabitants of Sokoine gathered to perform services until they were expelled by the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

Knowing the plight of the population, the local Bishop of the Church of Alexandria tried to bribe the parishioners by delivering sacks of seeds, flour, etc. to Sokoine so that the believers would “change their minds” and return to him. After the community unanimously rejected bribery, the clergy of the Orthodox Church blocked access to the only well with clean water for the entire village, which was drilled at the temple. They said that access to water will be only for those who continue to go to the temple of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, which has been closed for many weeks. They also stopped providing medicines and treatment to two seriously ill children from the local Orthodox families.

A real humanitarian crisis erupted in the village. Parishioners and residents asked the Russian Orthodox Church to provide assistance in providing clean water, opening a medical center, and a comprehensive school.

The Patriarchal Exarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Africa, Metropolitan Leonid of Klin

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