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Romfea will not sue the OCU propagandists for defamation

The Greek web-site Romfea.gr reacted to an attack by the “Spiritual Front of Ukraine”, a website close to the OCU, which “exposed the fake” of Greek journalists without understanding the topic of their work.

We are talking about the statement of the “Spiritual Front” that “Romfea.gr spreads fake news about the UOC-KP”, reporting that the “patriarch” Filaret Denisenko appointed his “exarch” to Greece.

The Greek publication published a document confirming the information of Romfea.gr about the appointment of the former representative of the Old Calendar Church of Greece, Avxentius Marines, as Exarch of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Greece.

“We will not deal with this website and will not sue for defamation, but the name FAKE is rightfully theirs,” the Romfea.gr publication noted.

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