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In Hrybovytsya, people began to return from schism to the Canonical Church

As the Union of Orthodox Journalists informs, the residents of the Volyn village of Hrybovytsya, who had gone into schism, began to return to the canonical Church. The UOC community, whose church was taken away by raiders from the “Kyiv Patriarchate” with the support of the authorities, in a short time built a new one for its parishioners in Hrybovytsya.

According to the rector of the Holy Protection community of the UOC, archpriest Ihor Margita, after the scandalous invasion of the UOC-KP supporters into the church house and the relocation of the priest’s family from the village, the liturgical schedule of the community of the canonical Church has not changed. “We still come to serve in the new church, people actively attend the service, and even a couple of people who went into schism returned to us,” father Ihor said.

The rector also said that supporters of the UOC-KP have already replaced three priests in three years. Moreover, the previous abbot of the schismatic community did not begin to move into the church house selected by the new parishioners, and recently moved to another parish altogether.

At the same time, no one has been living in the house from which the priest of the UOC was forcibly evicted for six months. They say that a new abbot of schismatics from the city of Sokal, Lviv region, should settle there.

It is reported that in the village they began to talk about the need to allocate money from the budget of the local village council to carry out repair work in the church. Financing needs to be formalized promptly, because of the reform of local self-government. The Hrybovytsya village council will be liquidated: a few days ago the village community gathered, it was finally decided to transfer this territory to the jurisdiction of the united community of the regional center – Ivanychi.

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