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Believers of Novaya Moschanitsa after the capture of the temple pray in the store

Exactly one year since the religious community of the UOC of the village of Novaya Moshchanitsa, Zdolbunovsky district, Rivne region, has a building in which it performs worship. In addition, for several years I had to pray both in a canvas tent in the priest’s yard, and in a cramped room that the rector set aside for liturgical needs when the cold came. Recently, believers who have remained faithful to the canonical Church have their own premises in an old Soviet store, it was acquired by a man who wants to keep his sacrifice a secret. During the year, a lot of work has been done to equip the temple, but there is not enough money for everything, because the community is not numerous, the UOJ reports.

Since the old shop began to be restored and interior work was carried out to give the premises the appearance of a church, the UOC religious community has received many helpers-donators. People in the village say that money was transferred from neighboring villages by people, although small amounts, but they helped a lot. Money for a good cause can be transferred to a Privatbank card 5168 7554 5736 7551 (Gnatyshina Natalya Arseniyevna).

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