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  5. A priest from Madagascar spoke about racism in the Episcopate of Alexandria

A priest from Madagascar spoke about racism in the Episcopate of Alexandria

With the permission of Father Basil from Madagascar (Randrianaivo Vacilios Frederic), I am publishing a brief excerpt from his correspondence with me, however, he himself has already published on his page information about the very specific attitude of the Greek episcopate to the local clergy in Madagascar. This sheds some light on the atmosphere that developed in different parts of the Patriarchate of Alexandria on the eve of its falling into schism.

In addition to the shock of obvious and wild for our time racism (precisely racism, not pseudo-racism in the BLM version), a natural question arises: are these Greek guys so desperate to behave like this in the middle of Africa, or do we not know something about Africa and current state of colonialism? Naturally, apart from all sorts of political and social issues, the following is completely incompatible with our Christian faith.


“In Madagascar, black priests are not allowed to enter the bishop’s house! But any Greek can walk up and down his residence…

When we had to bring their luggage, we left it at the door, we couldn’t go inside … ”.

“In Madagascar, the black priests cannot enter in Bishop’s home!” But all peoples from Greece can go up and down inside of his residence…

When we brought their luggage, we put it behind the door, we couldn’t go inside…”.

O. Andrey Novikov, Facebook

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