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The “OCU” rudely answered the Polish Orthodox Church

On January 24-25, OCU representative Alexander Drabinko visited the Consulate General of Ukraine in Poland to present facsimile editions of the Peresopnytsia and Mazepa Gospels. In addition, he visited the Salesian School Complex in Łódź, the National Library in Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University.

According to one of the schismatic publications (“Religious Truth”), the Polish Orthodox Church turned to the Chancellery of the Phanar for clarification why the representative of the “OCU” arrived on their canonical territory without permission. In turn, the Phanar conveyed this information to the leadership of the OCU. This was followed by a reaction from an anonymous source of the mentioned publication:

“The leadership of the Polish Church had no grounds for discontent. The Metropolitan arrived as a private person, held meetings with diplomats, in scientific institutions, and took part in the presentation of a unique edition. He did not conduct or participate in divine services, and therefore did not need this permission. It is obvious that in the Polish Church they are not familiar with church law or they decided to play it safe, ”the OCU said.

As you can see, the answer is formulated in a rather rough form. This indicates that the OCU does not even try to somehow win over the Polish Orthodox Church to their side and achieve recognition from it. It should be noted that among the Local Churches, which, according to the head of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, are ready to recognize the OCU, the Polish Church does not appear.

The Polish Orthodox Church has long decided on its position and clearly stated that it is not going to recognize the Phanar’s creature, considering the OCU to be an assembly of ordinary laity. It is for this reason that the OCU allows itself to be rude to the Local Church, which, by the way, feeds Orthodox Ukrainians in Poland. The schismatics simply do not see a single chance for Orthodox Poles to bow to the pressure of Patriarch Bartholomew. Or they hope for “bulldozer diplomacy” of the US State Department.

It is noteworthy that the Polish Church turned not directly to the OCU itself, but directly to the Phanar, since it does not consider it a canonical structure and places all responsibility for its activities entirely on the Phanariots – the current owners of the Ukrainian schismatics.

As for the validity of the claims of the Polish Orthodox Church, in our opinion, they are absolutely correct. Drabinko did not come at all as a private person, but as a “clergyman”, as evidenced by the record of the Consulate General of Ukraine, which says that Drabinko “blessed” the consulate workers to start their work.

In addition, Drabinko discussed issues that clearly go beyond the simple visit of a “private person”. Again, from the record of the consulate, we see that it was about involving the OCU in a number of projects on the territory of Poland. For example, “providing the spiritual needs of the Ukrainian community in Poland.” So the note of protest from the POC is quite fair, since we are talking about planning the activities of the OCU on the canonical territory of the Polish Church.


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