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Filaret appointed his exarch to Greece, – Romfea

The Synod of the UOC-KP, at the suggestion of “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko, appointed Avxentius Marines the “Patriarchal Exarch” of Greece. This is reported by the Greek website Romfea.

As informed, the “Metropolitan of Chersonesos and Volnovakha”, previously a representative of the Greek Church of the Old Calendarists, Avxentius Marines, will deal with Ukrainian immigrants in Greece.

As previously reported, the restored Kyiv Patriarchate formed its Synod on January 22, 2022. Also at the Synod, the title of Marines was changed from “Chersonesos and Aegina ” to ” Chersonesos and Volnovakha”.

Avxentius Marines joined the Kyiv Patriarchate with his diocese and flock on October 23, 2021.

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