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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already happened – the head of the OCU

The invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine has already happened, it began in the winter of 2014. And now the Kremlin wants to “restore the evil empire in Ukraine.” This was stated by the head of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, in his address to the Ukrainian people.

“Although not officially declared by the Kremlin, but the real war of Russia against Ukraine has been going on for eight years. The consequences of this war are the occupation of Crimea and part of Donbass, daily shelling of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops, constant hybrid attacks from Russia in the economic, diplomatic, informational, religious and other spheres.

The purpose of this aggression is known and clear: to turn our entire country, or at least most of it, into an occupied territory ruled on behalf of the Kremlin by traitors, terrorists and criminals. Turn Ukraine into the abyss into which Russia has turned Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. At our expense, try to restore the rotten and dead Soviet monster, the prison of peoples, the evil empire, to force the free peoples of Europe to resign themselves to the desires of the current rulers of the Kremlin. <…>

We are sincerely grateful to America, the countries of Europe and all our allies in the world for their support, diplomatic, economic and military assistance. <…>

Our common task is to show the Russian rulers: it is impossible to defeat Ukraine, we will fight and defend ourselves and our native land until victory!

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