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Phanar does not want to convene Pan-Orthodox Council, religious observer

With the advent of the New Year, the dilemma in Orthodoxy changed to “with Constantinople or with Moscow?” is a question that will interest everyone in the coming months, writes religious columnist Melchizedek in a column on orthodoxtimes.

He notes that the Patriarchate of Alexandria claims that the Ecumenical Patriarchate should convene a Synod of the Pentarchy (Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem) and the Archbishop of Cyprus as the Church that emerged as a result of the Ecumenical Council.

The Phanar does not want to convene a Pan-Orthodox Council, on the one hand, because the Phanar believes that the Russians “missed their chance in Crete”, and on the other hand, because with any possible involvement of all Orthodox players (Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia) and etc.) the balance may not be in favor of the Phanar.

At the Synod of Pentarchy, the score between the Phanar and Moscow (whose position will prevail) is 3 in favor of the Phanar (Ecumenical, Alexandria, Cyprus), 1 exactly in favor of the Russians (Antioch) and 1 (Jerusalem), which is still deliberating. Most likely, Theophilus of Jerusalem will oppose the adoption of tough measures by the Moscow Patriarchate.

“The Ecumenical Patriarch looks unshakable, but this does not mean that the Russian side is retreating. In search of unity in Orthodoxy, a long and difficult path awaits. However, this was also said by Muhammad Ali, one of the leading boxers: “The mountains ahead that you have to climb are not bothering you, the pebble in your shoes is preventing you.” And there are many stones on the path to unity within the Church,” Melchizedek summed up.

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