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Patriarch Bartholomew lives in his own reality?

This conclusion can be reached after the refutation made by the Serbian Church about the forthcoming visit of the Serbian Patriarch Porfiry to the Phanar, or “the head of the Phanar simply became completely entangled in his own streams of lies,” writes Pravblog.

“This is a powerful reputational blow to the Istanbul hierarch. Firstly, being the author of fakes is extremely humiliating for someone who claims to be the “Eastern Pope”. It’s like a ship that sees itself as a cruiser, swimming in a shallow puddle.

Secondly, such a reaction demonstrates the real attitude of the same SOC to the “status” of the Patriarch of Constantinople, who assures everyone that he “can and should be the head of all world Orthodoxy.” But when announcing the “visit” of Patriarch Porfiry to the Phanar, the leader of the Church of Constantinople, which had gone into schism, specially chose the wording that should have made it clear – “one of his vassals is going to the overlord.”

Thirdly, what happened indicates that the Serbian Church could not be intimidated by the scenario of “Macedonian” and “Montenegrin” “autocephaly”,” the Telegram channel writes.

As reported, Patriarch Porfiry is not planning any visits to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

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